Each of our dedicated clinicians at El Paso Physical Therapy Services are trained in orthopedic rehabilitation and traditional sports medicine with an emphasis on holistic physical recovery.

West El Paso Clinic

Rudy Marin

Clinic Director, PT, CEEAA and Owner

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Amanda Moeller


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Linh Xiong


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East El Paso Clinic

Chole Armendariz

Clinic Director, PT and Owner

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Chelsea Villa

Assistant Clinic Director, PT, DPT
Cert DN

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Saranya Gangupalli


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Joel Munoz


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Horizon City Clinic

Isaac Cordova

Clinic Director, PT, DPT, Cert DN

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Eric Ramirez


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Public Relations & Business Development

Sylvia Reyes

Director of Administrative Services

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Margaux Sarabia Lara

Public Relations & Business Development Director

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We accommodate appointments outside of this schedule upon request.

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