Direct Access and Consultation

  • March 19, 2020
Direct Access and Consultation

El Paso Physical Therapy Services is pleased to provide Direct Access care to our community, and we continue to partner in patient care with both your primary care physician and specialist.


The ability to directly access your physical therapist without a referral.

For more information regarding Direct Access, please view the TPTA website, (Texas Physical Therapy Association)

El Paso Physical Therapy Services Consultation

A physical therapy consultation is an appointment between a physical therapist and yourself, to discuss your concerns and symptoms andprovide the best course of action that will meet your needs.

Consultation cost $35

Please visit or contact one of our three locations:

West: 6151 Dew Dr. Ste 300 - (915)-581-9606

East: 1891 Lee Trevino Ste 700 - (915)-593-3787

Horizon: 13791 Horizon Blvd Ste A1 - (915)-872-9333

Direct Access Overview

Physical therapy is not just treating the patient, but also establishing a valuable relationship with the patient, family and other healthcare providers involved in reaching meaningful goals. Although every clinic setting is unique in structure, we all share a common core value of providing patients with the best care in helping them reach their goals.

Did you know patients can walk into a physical therapy clinic without needing a medical doctor’s prescription? For example, let’s say you have back pain, you can schedule an appointment and be evaluated and discuss your plan without seeing your doctor. We evaluate your problems, coordinate with your doctor and start care right away. If we need to refer you out, or get more information, we get that started along with other members of your medical team.

Physical therapists are well prepared to provide the public with preventative care; from postural correction/ergonomics to identifying muscular weakness & flexibility, and we can be the front-end of this process; leading to less cost for the patient.

There are so many ways that physical therapy can help the public, let us be the avenue of change to make El Paso a happy, healthy, and active city.

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